We’re packing up our gear and moving to this one of a kind location for two days only,

And you can be a part of it!


Get a three hour private session with me in this beautiful Victorian home.

Every room is a perfect backdrop for a portrait.

Here's your chance to;

  • Have a (tik tok) star cosmetologist Kylee transform you into any level of glam you desire. (she’s not quite a magician, but almost)
  • Be photographed by an international photographer ranked in the top ten fine art photographers in the world.
  • Own the most beautiful photos you’ve ever seen of yourself.



When is the event?

Monday April 26th and Tuesday April 27th 2021

Where will this event take place?

Antioch, IL You will receive the exact address upon booking

What is the session fee?

$350 reserves your three hour shoot time and covers your hair and makeup services

How long will be shoot take?

I recommend you plan for three hours.

How many outfits can I wear?


What happens in a shoot?

The first hour is hair and makeup and the next 1-2hrs is photographing time.

Are digital images included in the session fee?

No, the session fee does not include in products or digital images. You can choose what you'd like to purchase when you see your images. If you don't like it, you don't have to buy it.

How much can I expect to spend after my shoot?

Probably what you'd spend on a nice sofa or piece of furniture. But unlike something in your home that you'll be replacing in a few years, you will treasure your portraits more every year.

Is there a minimum spend required?

No, I offer à la carte and packages, so you control how much you spend.

When go I get to see the photos?

About a week after your shoot you come back for your reveal.

Can I bring a friend?

Yes, about half my clients choose to bring a friend for moral support. Just one though- too many in the studio can be distracting.

How are your photos different from other photographers?

It's in the expressions. It took the first 12 years of my career to perfect the expressions I can get out of everyday regular women, and I can do the same for you. When you have a photo where the subject is looking at the camera, and it's not a smile, not rbf, but when it's an expression where you see into the soul- that is someone who is comfortable in front of the camera. It's not your job to be comfortable in front of the camera; that's my job.

Are your cosmetologists licensed?


Should I tip my cosmetologist?

You cosmetologist will never expect a tip, but it is always appreciated.

Are eyelashes included?


Do I need to bring anything to the shoot?

Just your self and your outfits. We will provided all the makeup and anything else you might need.

Will you pose me during the session?

Yes! Down to the last fingertip detail! I don't expect you to know how to look or move like a model. Posing you and making sure you feel comfortable is literally my entire job.

I want to have boudoir, but I'm self-conscious about my cellulite, scars, wrinkles, tummy, nose, arms, ears, legs, left pinky toe, etc.

Luckily creative lighting and posing are what I specialize in. I am 90% sure we can take care of in in camera, but I won't hesitate to photoshop out anything you're self-conscious about.

What about between outfits and when you're setting up, do I walk around in my lingerie?

I have had women from nudist colonies who have walked around nude for most of the shoot, and I have women to wear a robe until the last second, drop it to their feet then put it on immediately after shooting. Whatever you're comfortable with.

I have more questions, who do I call? Call or text Rachel 630-240-1037 [email protected]