Too Nervous For A Boudoir Shoot? Then Glamour May Be Right For You

What is a glamour shoot?

Glamour is actually a very similar type of photo-shoot, just not in lingerie. The pose and expressions can still be sexy but in your favorite jeans or gorgeous gown. Often our clients opt for a glamour shoot rather than boudoir or a hybrid of both. A glamour shoot is great to experience with mom or your best friends.  I love working with women and bringing out their inner beauty that shows up in the genuine facial expressions you see on the website. You don't need to be in lingerie for that. It just so happens that with the amount of weddings Jeff and I shoot, boudoir is the word a lot of our audience is looking for and has been more effective in marketing. I shoot both. I would love to give you the amazing experience of a custom super-model-for-the-day photoshoot; I don't care how much clothing you have on.