Grooms Gift Guide

5. Handmade scrapbook of your relationship
for the bride on a budget, this is a gift he won’t throw away

4. Grooming kit
not necessarily glamorous, but men like useful things. Plus he’ll smell amazing

3. Personalized flask or decanter set
perhaps a bit cliché, but still an upscale and useful gift he’ll enjoy

2. remote control helicopter
the gift that will put a smile on any mans face at any age

1. The the most desired wedding present among grooms…  BOUDOIR

The gift that will leave him speechless and weak in the knees- especially if he doesn’t think you’ll do it.

A gift that’s incredibly empowering for you, and one you’ll be so glad you did.

And we can help with one of these gifts.

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But before you stop scrolling because you think, “I don’t look like that. This isn’t for me.”

Look at how all these bombshells walked into the studio.

Curvy? (we don’t say plus-size; it’s a dirty word) That is no problem. I literally have over thirty different ways I can shape and contour your body just in the way I pose you.

Cellulite or scars? I won’t hesitate to photoshop out anything you’re self-conscious about.


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Can boudoir be tasteful? Of course!

My goal in every photo is to have you look at the eyes first, and body second. A self-empowered woman it what you’ll see.

Looking for something a little sexier? Maybe some body shots? No problem. I will customize your shoot to be whatever you’d like.


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Think you need to lose 20bs first?

OMG if I have a dollar for every girl who came in saying that! Learn to love yourself for who you are right now! He does!

Nervous because you won’t know how to pose or look?
That’s my job. I will literally coach you down to the last fingertip detail.
It’s my job to make sure you feel comfortable throughout the shoot.

Ten minutes in, and your worries will be gone and you’ll be having fun. Promise!