Paris FAQs

What Is It You Do?
For seventeen years I've been a professional photographer, and for the past eight I've been specializing in contemporary women's portraiture. We take women of all ages and sizes and make them look and feel amazing; then we document that look and feeling in photos will have forever.

Who Is This For? Any woman ages 9-99. We're also happy to photograph couples, and families.

Where Will The Photos Be Taken? Paris! We will be renting a hotel room where you can have the hair and makeup services done. We will take some classic photos in the hotel. We're in the process of planning a short walk-able route through Paris.

How Much Does It Cost To Get To Paris? We've found non-stop round-trip flight for as little as $460 per person. we recommend

How Much Will This Cost? We're waiving the $495 session fee. The hair and makeup services will be $150 per person. After the shoot you may come to our Lemont studio to view and purchase photos. There is no minimum order you simply buy what you like when you see your photos. pricing:

What Are Other Women Who Have Done This Saying? Glad you asked!

Who will Be Doing The Hair And Makeup? The amazing Katie of White Lotus Weddings is our personal in-studio stylist and will be making the trip with us.

I Don't Look Like The Women In The Vision Board, Is This Something I Should Do? That's what she said! You won't believe our amazing before and after gallery.

What Days Will You Be Photographing? May 11th, 12th, and 13th 2019

I've Never Had A Professional Photoshoot Before- What's It Like? Don't worry- I will pose and coach you down to the last detail. I don't ask you to freestyle any poses. Most women are nervous the first ten minutes and then realize it's not hard and a lot of fun. You can see a behind the scenes video here:

How Long Will the Shoot Take? We're reserving 4 hours for every shoot- although we only anticipate it taking three. One hour in hair and makeup and 2-3 photographing.

How Can I Get My Images? You can make an appointment at our Lemont, IL studio to see and purchase your images at the end of May.

What Can I Buy? The photo-shoot does not include any images; those have to be purchased after. We offer beautiful suede matted prints, folio boxes, wall portraits, and albums. Everything you purchase you also receive the digital copy of that image. pricing:

How Much Will I Spend? That's entirely up to you. We have no minimum order; you simply buy what you like. Pricing Guide:

What If It Rains? There's nothing cuter than a umbrella in Paris! But we also plan on renting a picturesque hotel. I will scout locations before your shoot and hope to find additional cafes and indoor options.

How Many Photo-shoots Will You Do? We can do two per day. We will offer a 8am shoot and a 1pm shoot.

Where Can I See More Of You Work?

I Want To Do This, But I Need To Lose Weight First. When have you ever seen a photo of someone you love and thought, "Man, they should have waited until they got some of that weight off before taking this photo." Never- your family thinks you're beautiful and I want to help you see that too.

I Have A Few Things I'm Self-Conscious About. Don't worry- corrective lighting and posing happens to be my forte. I'm good for taking 20lbs off just in the way I post you. I pride myself in getting things right in camera, but I will not hesitate to remove anything your self-conscious about in photoshop.

I See Lots of Lingerie Photos On The Website- Do I Have To Wear Lingerie? Because we photograph weddings many of our clients are looking for a wedding gift which is why lingerie is so prevalent on our website, but no, you may wear anything you'd like to this photo-shoot.

Do I Bring My Own Outfits? Yes, and we can do a style consultation before your trip. We'll want to plan four different outfits. What you wear will dictate how I pose and photograph you. sexy lingerie- little black dress- couture ballgown- boho chic- business casual- it's up to you.

How Many Photos Will You Take? Our in-studio shoots typically end up with 20-30 finished images. With the on location shooting in Paris I am predicting 30-40 final images per-shoot. (possibly more if you add in family and additional people)

I Don't Own Any Gowns Like In Your Vision Board. If we book enough shoots I hope to rent a few pieces. I also have a variety of gowns in the studio. If we plan in advance I'd be happy to bring one for you.

Is This Priced Higher or Lower Than a Typical Photo-shoot? Cheaper- we're waiving the $495 session fee. We also plan on giving each session a complimentary video. ($400 value)

How Do I Book?
Use the from below. There are 6 time slots on 3 different days. May 11th - 13th.