Why Is Boudoir So Expensive?

If you've been doing a little research on boudoir or glamour photography you might find it's more expensive than you thought.

Anytime a product is created for one person and cannot be sold again, you can expect to pay more than the mass products you find on department store shelves. The average eight hours of shooting, editing, and consulting are what I spend per session, but the fact is it that has taken my entire life to create each portrait. I have spent literally thousands of hours studying subtle nuances of posing, corrective lighting, and psychology of having my subject relax in front of the camera to create each portrait you see today. When you consider the cost of custom services like salons, wedding dresses, paintings, custom furniture, or even non-custom items like computers, televisions or cars, then personalized professional photography, which you will have for the rest of your life and pass on to your children, are relatively inexpensive.

But why don't you just offer everything on a disk? There are several reasons for this with the biggest being that it's not a sustainable business practice. You can't walk into a restaurant and buy everything on the menu for one price. If you happened to want everything, the wait staff would add up the total of each individual item. Any store that offers “everything” will not stay in business long. In addition, any shoot that is prepaid offers no motivation for the photographer to put in 100% effort. And my personal important reason is that I want you to have professional quality prints of every image you choose. Prints will stand the test of time, digitals will not. When your house is burning, you ask the fireman, “Grab the family heirloom of grandma on the wall.” not “grab my disk of jpgs.” Prints are forever.