10 tips for picking a photographer

10 tips for picking a photographer

1.) Pick a Photographer You Like
A good portion of your day is dedicated to taking photos.  You photographer will either add to your great wedding experience or make it a nightmare.

2.) You Don't Always Have To Look At The Camera

Candid moments are a huge part of your wedding.  When the photographer isn't directing you, try to pretend they aren't there.  Tell your bridesmaids too as sometime a camera makes them just as nervous.

3.) Get To Know Your Photographer

By getting to know your photographer your photographer will also get to know you.  What you like and don't like.  It's always good when you can greet the photographer on the wedding day with hugs rather than handshakes.

4.) Allow Enough Time For Photos

Most photographers want at least an hour for photos with you, your husband, and bridal party.  Even if you just want candid photographs you still need to leave time when you're all together.  If your reception runs right into cocktail hour try a first look, or move the ceremony to a different location earlier.

5.) Encourage Your Photographer

If your photographer feels welcome and appreciated your photos will be that much better.  If there is a problem, don't dwell on it that day.  A nervous photographer (or any vendor) will not be able to do their best.

6.) Keep An Open Mind

Your wedding day will never go exactly as planned.  Try not to have a set idea in your mind as you'll be setting yourself up for disappointment.

7.) Think About Parents

It's likely your parents will want photos too.  And as much as you tell them it's not their day, they will still ask your photographer for those photos even if it means pulling you off the dance floor.  It's better to have a plan as to when and where those family photos will take place.  Make mom responsible for having the family she wants photographed present during that time.

8.) Get Ready Early

When your hair and makeup is first done, it is the best you're going to look all day.  Leave plenty of time between hair and makeup and your ceremony.  Trust me, if things to run on time (which they never do) that extra time will fly by.  You only get one wedding day after all; you might as well make it as long as you can.

9.) Don't Skimp If It's Important

Photographers come at different price points for good reason.  These will be your only wedding photos, and they will outlive you.  In the grand scheme of things spending a few hundred, or even thousand, dollars more may save you a lot of heartache, and a couple years from now you won't even miss that money.  You will thank yourself later.

10.) Have Fun
Your wedding day will go by so quickly.  If couples are truly enjoying their wedding you can see it in every single photo.  Plan, make a backup plan, have back ups onyour backups, and once the wedding day gets here you just have to go with it.  Enjoy!