Why Trace Adkins Is My Spirit Animal

So I just found this music video, and I now believe Trace Adkins is my spirit animal. 😂 Can you relate to the woman in this video? Hair and a bun with an oversized shirt and yoga pants every day? Her husband (and others who love her) still see a side of her she can't see herself! When was the last time you saw the beautiful sexy side of you? I promise she's not gone! I promise in a photoshoot with me you will feel younger, slimmer, gorgeous and I'll capture it in a photo you can look at every day you didn't get a shower because the tiny humans have been up since 4:30am and won't synchronize their eating or sleeping schedules. So if you want this experience call me! 630-240-1037
(Trace Atkins not included in photoshoot 😢)