5 Tips To Really Enjoy Your Wedding Day

5 Tips To Really Enjoy Your Wedding Day

Don't Get Too Much Of A Plan In Your Head
I couldn't look at my wedding photos for six months after my wedding. If you're reading this, it's likely you've met me and seen my wedding photos; and they are beautiful! I realize that now, but for sixteen months I planned a wedding reception full of candlelight lanterns with a rooftop view of the ocean. When it rained and I was stuck with an indoor thatched roof and yellow backdrop, I couldn't see the beauty in the moment. Looking back, I wish I would have allowed myself to pre-vision the wedding in multiple ways and focus more on the moments I would have and the essence of how I wanted the day to feel rather than the visuals and decor.

Stop and Breathe
Take as many chances as you can to stop and take in the day. If you focus so much on what you look like and everyone looking back at you, they day will fly by your memory. Instead, look at your family and friends; remember their emotions; see their joy.

You've Planned Planned Planned, and Now It's Time To Just Go With It
Make plan A, B, C, and D. Then if something happens on the wedding day, there is no anxiety; you just go to the next plan. Once the wedding day starts there really isn't much you can do about anything going wrong, so just go with it. Don't let anything ruin your happiness.

Focus On Your Fiance
It's tough with all the propaganda and advertisement of what a wedding should be these days. Everything seems so focused on what people will think and the guest experience, but really this day is about the two of you. This will be the day that you join your lives together and no matter what hiccups you may face on the day, nothing is going to change that. Keep focused on who you're marrying and nothing will be able to bring you down.

Let Nothing Ruin Your Day
You cannot always control what happens on your wedding day, but you can control how you react to it. It does not matter what happened last week or what will happen in the future. Your wedding day is unique and will never be repeated again. It is you and him on this day, and this day will be special. Let nothing ruin your day. Cherish every moment.