All The Emotions Of Print Competition

When gearing up for print competition


midnight the day before submissions are due


When you're up to your neck in competition edits and the deadline is approaching

When the perfect ideas comes to you out of nowhere

When you find the perfect model for your vision

When your vision just isn't coming together

How I think my image will score

my actual score

When the kids want dinner and you're almost done editing

When you nail the shot you knot you're going to enter

When your don't thinkg your images will ever come together

3am the night before the deadline

When you know your friend has a killer set of competition entries

When your friend tells you they extended the entry deadline

When your images are finished and submitted online

At fedex mailing your prints

arriving ar print competition like

When judges take forever to render a score

When your print scores a 79

What you want to do when your print merrits

When every image starts scoring 79

but it's a quite room full of people you just

So you leave the room so you and your friends in the hall can be like

When your image pops up

When the judges give a beautiful image a low score

When you totally don't get an image everyone else seems to understand

When you see an image with the same theme as yours

When your print scores low

when people start talking about the different "whites" used in the matting

When a judge points out an obvious flaw in your image

friend's image pops up

When your image doesn't score as well as you'd hoped

When a judge points out something deep in your image you didn't actually intend to be there, but it's good

When they announce your name for a 1st 2nd or 3rd place