Hi,  I'm Rachel

For over 18 years and 3,500 portraits sessions I have had the privilege of preserving the most beautiful moments in a family's life.  Whether it's holding a newborn baby, seeing the pure joy of a laughing child, or documenting the fleeting magic of a multi-generational portrait I understand the importance of my work and know if will live on far beyond this generation. Nothing would give me greater joy than to capture your loved ones as perfect and cherished as you see them. So call me today; let's talk about the special people in your life and how we can capture a moment you'll treasure forever.



Rachel Portrait

Newborn Gallery


The First Year

Did you know?

In the first two weeks of life you baby has many bones that aren't formed yet; it's just cartilage. 
That's how we get those super flexible newborn photos.
It's extremely important we photograph your newborn within the first two weeks.
We typically schedule while you're still pregnant.
6-8 months is another great mile stone in your baby's life.
Sitting up, smiling, and new teeth are things we often capture.
The first year of your child's life is my favorite to document!
We usually end the first year with an in-studio Cake Smash Photo Shoot!




Kids photography is the most exhausting and rewarding part of our job!
Your child is someone that you love and want to capture for all time- just the way they are.

A portrait is forever

Did you know?

There have been many studies that show extremely positive psychological effects on children that see photos of themselves and with their families displayed in their home.




Whether your family is a group of  2 or 42...


We would love to capture a memory that you all can enjoy for years to come!


We offer on location shoots as well as in our Lemont photography studio.




Did you know? 

The majority of adults regret not having more photos of when they were a teenager.

Capturing your child's senior year is one of the greatest investments you can make. 

Our high school senior photo shoots are fun and lively. 

We love to design the shoot

Take advantage to get a family photo too; it might be the last time your family is all together for a while.



Pet photography is another genre that we have won many awards for.

A pet's life is so fleeting but the impression they leave lasting .
We would love to create a portrait of your pet you will treasure for years to come.

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