Jeff & Rachel

Chicago based husband and wife photography team Jeff and Rachel Owen have dipped their toes into nearly every genre of photography.  With over 3,000 weddings and 3,000 portraits sessions of personal experience Jeff and Rachel's greatest joy is using their cameras to preserve the love in a relationship or a family bond knowing those moments will live on in print forever.  Their greatest satisfaction comes in giving 100% of themselves to create priceless wedding memories for their 50+ yearly wedding couples, and delight in seeing those couples come back full circle as their families grow.  Jeff and Rachel are proud to have have stood the test of time while remaining cutting-edge in an ever-changing industry.

Jeff and I got married January 2010 on the beautiful shores of Mexico, and years later I can happily to say we are still crazy in love! When looking for a place to get married we wanted a venue that would truly be unique. Unfortunately that was a little harder for us as wedding photographers; with over 2,500 chicago-land weddings photographed there wasn't a place we could think of that we hadn't been before. Lucky for us that led to the magical Riviera Maya beaches. Above all else I have to say, I truly understand what you are going through as a bride. Simply put, things have to be perfect. I was one of the crazies who took 5 months to find my wedding jewelry. I went to countless different stores, bought 15 different necklaces to take home and try on with my wedding dress, and I'm happy to say I had the will power to return all (ok most) of the ones that weren't the perfect match. I went back to the bridal store and tried on another 15 dresses even after I had bought and received my wedding dress. I guess I'm trying to say that I understand the second guessing and the uneasy feeling of putting so much money into one day.


To this day, I will sheepishly admit, I still cry at weddings. These are weddings of a couples I've only known for a few months through an a meeting or two, engagement session, or phone calls but whose love for each other is radiating so powerfully through the room that I a moved to tears. And even though it's something I've seen a million times. I could recite the scripture reading, I could recite the songs, and even the vows, but it's something about this moment, for this couple - this moment is different, this moment is special, this moment will never be repeated again. And you would think we've seen this enough times to be numb to the situation, and on the rare occasions when Jeff and I photograph together I'll look at him during a ceremony and there is an understanding... he is feeling the exact same thing. Many would say we are hopeless romantics, which is probably true, but I feel that's what allows us to truly capture the beauty of your unique wedding day.


My advice to brides

Your wedding day is unique, and will never be repeated again. It doesn't matter what happened last week or what will happen in the future. It's you and him on this day, and this day will be special. Cherish every moment.