J.R. Owen & Co. Photo Booth

J.R. Owen & Co. photo booth is a fun addition to any party! It's entertaining, especially for the guests that aren't likely to dance. It's also the party favor everyone wants to take home!
J.R. Owen & Co. photo booth is an open style photo booth.
If you are not familiar with this style there are many popular features preferred over enclosed photo booths.
The two biggest advantages are: You can fit more people in the photos and it's entertaining for everyone to watch the antics of others. It actually becomes a fun sideline event at your party.


Other advantages... tented enclosures can get hot inside, safety concerns are minimized, it can take up less space at your event, and a quick easy set up that won't disturb guests.

Why select J.R. Owen & Co. for your photo booth?

  • Open booth concept: As described above the open booth concept is more entertaining than tented enclosures and allows more people in group photos.
  • Superior image quality:  Our booths use dslr cameras which produce high quality digital files. Many other booths use web cams or point and shoot style cameras which do not give the same quality. This is especially important because you will receive a digital copy of every image taken with the rights to print them. Individual photos can then be enlarged to 8x10 and larger from our booths. We use flash instead of bright lights to expose the images too. This results in far superior image quality.
  • High quality onsite printing: You will get a paper copy of every strip taken at the event and so will your guests.
  • Dedicated operator: Our operator is dedicated to directing and operating the booth. They help bring out the fun side of people in the photos and help make sure guests are ready when the camera takes the photos.
  • Built better: Our camera is below the monitor. This results in better photos. When the camera is above the monitor (like most other photo booths) even though everyone is told to look at the camera, people tend to look at the monitor when the photo is taken. This results in people looking down in the photos. Our camera is below the monitor so even if you are looking at the monitor when the photo is taken it stills looks fine. This is a big difference.
  • Clean modern set up. Our set up is modern and nice looking. You can see photos in the slide show of how it looks at events and how professional the machine looks.

 What you get when you hire J.R. Owen & Co. photo booth for your event

  • 3 hrs coverage
  • Photo booth operator (3 hrs)
  • Quality onsite printing (dye sublimation, not ink jet)
  • 1 copy of each strip will be saved and given to you at the end of the event
  • A dvd with all the images will be sent to you within 2 weeks of the event with rights to print the files
  • Basic selection of props (feel free to bring your own too)
  • High quality images
  • Personalized strips with your choice of custom colors and designs
  • Simple online contract and payment system
  • *Optional: memory book, pages, glue sticks, pens, and separate attendant for creating keepsake memory book (extra charge applies)