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5 Tips To Really Enjoy Your Wedding Day

5 Tips To Really Enjoy Your Wedding Day Don’t Get Too Much Of A Plan In Your Head I couldn’t look at my wedding photos for six months after my wedding. If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’ve met me and seen my wedding photos; and they are beautiful! I realize that now, but for…

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Should I get video of my wedding?

Categories blog boudoir Helpful Hints Uncategorized Click any image below for more info. Recent Posts All The Emotions Of Print Competition Six Things You Can Do To Get The Most Out Of Your Wedding Vendors 5 Tips To Really Enjoy Your Wedding Day 9 Things You Wanted To Know About Boudoir, But Were Too Afraid…

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Professional vs Hobbyist

Professional vs Hobbyist There are two things I hear from couples that make me cringe–two choices I know the couple will, without a doubt, regret after the wedding. The first is, “Our friend is a DJ.” A DJ is the single factor that will make or break your reception. Have a bad or inexperienced DJ…

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Unique Reception Ideas

Unique Reception Ideas Dueling Pianos Bands and Djs are great, but if you want to wow your guests think outside the box. Dueling Pianos are interactive and a sure way to get everyone up and having a good time. Click here   Aerial Champagne Chandelier If you’re going to pour champagne why not poor it…

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When Disaster Strikes

When Disaster Strikes Although this title might be a little dramatic it’s likely that your wedding day won’t go 100% to plan no matter how hard you work at it. In our years of wedding photography we’ve seen: hotel shuttle took the out of town guests (most of the guest list) to the wrong reception…

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