How To Choose A Good Wedding Photographer

How To Choose A Good Wedding Photographer

Meet The Actual Photographer
A good portion of your day will be spent taking photos; therefore, your photographer will be the vendor with the most direct impact on your day. It's important to meet the actual person who will be capturing your memories. It's the photographer, not the sales person, who will either add to your day or make it a nightmare.

See A Full Wedding
Anyone can take 2,000 photos at a wedding and come up with twenty good ones for a portfolio; that doesn't mean they can deliver photographically on all aspects of the day. Make sure to see a full wedding and what has been delivered to actual brides and grooms. (you can see all our most recent weddings here)

Choose Someone With Experience
A smart photographer will have assisted at fifty weddings before ever attempting to photograph one on his/her own. You've put too much effort into this day to let someone experiment with your memories. An experienced photographer can predict what's going to happen in a given wedding situation as well as avoid potential problems for everyone.

Look For Low-Light And Difficult Situations
This is especially important if you have a low-light or no-flash policy church. Be wary of a portfolio without any indoor photos. Anyone can take beautiful outdoor photos; the real test of skill comes in dark and difficult situations.

Ask About Equipment
It probably won't make sense to you, but if a photographer can't quickly and easily list what camera bodies they have, what lenses they own both in focal length and maximum aperture, then they probably don't know how to use them either.

Ask How They Will Handle Family Photos & Your Requests
Family photos are the biggest source of complaints and bad reviews. If family photos aren't important to your photographer, then your photographer doesn't have enough experience. Ask what the plan for getting family photos as quickly and easily as possible. Is the photographer open to your requests and suggestions?

Read Reviews
Nothing tells you better what you will experience than the first hand experience of others.

Do They Care
Does the photographer you're considering have a genuine passion for what they do? Have they been doing this so long they suffer from burn-out? Will they treat your wedding as if it were their very own?

Ask About File Handling
What is the process for getting the images from their camera to your hands? Is it meticulous and backed up?

Do You Like Them
This is the person you'll spend the entire day with as well as many hours before and after the wedding. Above all, you have to like and trust your photographer.