Sweaty Boobs

The sweat glistened on every guest as they waited for the ceremony to start. It was the kind of day where you weren't sure if you were outside or in a steam-bath. The groom had already changed shirts twice, and I was contemplating how much sweat I would have to photoshop if he hadn't packed a third shirt.
I watched the girls all huddled in a small patch of shade waiting to walk down the aisle. Everyone hoped for a breath of wind. The music began to change as the moment the bride had dreamed of since she was a little girl was about to happen.
I knew from experience this is usually the place where I would get the most emotional shots of the day; anything could happen.
The bridesmaids had a quiet nervous chatter as they fidgeted and fanned each other preparing for the big moment. Everyone spoke in whispers as the music changed and the maid of honor began dabbing the sweat off the bride. “My boobs are sooo sweaty!” she bust out with nervous frustration.
Suddenly all movement and chatter stopped as everyone realized she was standing shoulder to shoulder with the minister trying to stay cool in the same patch of shade. The focus shifted from her to the minister. I could see the bridesmaid's face turning red as they stood in awkward silence realizing there was no way he hadn't heard that comment.
Remaining poised the minister turned slowly stoically looking at the girls and replied, “Well, praise God.” As the smile reached the upper corners of his mouth, he turned to walk down the aisle and the girls broke out into a laughter even the guests could hear. I have never photographed bigger smiles on bridesmaids in the processional.