The 6 Greatest Piece of Advice You’ll Wish You’d Read Before the Wedding

The 6 Greatest Piece of Advice You’ll Wish You’d Read Before the Wedding

Your Groom May Give You Jewelry The Day of the Wedding
This doesn't sound like a big deal, until you realize is probably excited to see you to wear it down the aisle. Make sure your groom knows you've spent time selecting your wedding jewelry any gifts you receive might not be worn that day. I've seen many brides get very flustered over not wanting to offend her fiancee when his gift doesn't match the dress.

Have Maid of Honor Put Every Vendor as a Contact In Her Phone
In the case that you need to call a vendor on a wedding day it's usually an emergency- a cell phone got left in a limo, your photographer is at the other entrance to the park, etc. Nothing is easier than the push to talk, “call limo company.” I've seen many brides nervously fumbling through binders or emails during a wedding emergency.

Have Everyone Pay the Hair and Makeup Artists in Advance
It is pure chaos when everyone is finishing hair and makeup. Things have to be packed up, girls need to dress, flowers are arriving, and you are stressed. Don't add to it by trying to pass money too.

Don't Serve During Speeches
Not only will servers walk through your photo and video, dishes will be clinking and people talking. I've seen entire rooms break out into conversation louder than the speech when food was served, and that made the person giving the speech incredibly anxious. It will reflect in your photos as you share a heartfelt moment during a speech and everyone in the background is taking a big bite of food.

Get Two Shirts
Have your groom and groomsmen get a second shirt to change into before the reception. In the warm summer months a clean dry shirt makes all the difference.

Bring Comfy Shoes for The Shoot
You might do more walking than you would think during the photo-shoot. Often the girls bring a pair of comfy shoes to the reception, but forget about the photo-shoot. Your bridesmaids, and feet, will thank you for a pair of flip flops.