#1 Wedding Regret

It's hard to know what areas of your wedding you want to go all out with and what things you can do without. There is one thing brides regret not getting for the wedding above all else: not hiring a videographer. When you see your dad cry and tell you how much he loves you, you'll wish it were being professionally videotaped. When your best friend gives that amazing speech that you'll never be able to hear again, you'll wish it were being professionally videotaped. When your partner says those once in a lifetime vows that take your breath away, you'll wish it were being professionally videotaped.

If you've met me at all, then you've probably heard my thoughts on wedding videography. When we got married, having video of my wedding flew completely under my radar. I thought, “We'll never watch it; it will sit in a box. We could spend that money somewhere else.” A friend ended up videoing our wedding ceremony as a gift. I was blown away by the emotions I felt seeing our day captured on video. I could not believe how differently it would bring back the day as opposed to just seeing the photos. It is the audio; it's hearing my grandmother's voice and my son's baby voice again. Those are things I can never get back.  My wedding video is worth the world to me, and I'm so glad we can share it with our son. It's true you might not watch it that much, but your wedding video will become priceless to you with every year that passes. If you have any extra in the budget, I highly recommend investing in video of your wedding.