Underwater Test Session Special

$200 covers the session fee plus two retouched digital images. (a $550 value)



A shoot about empowered women.


Each girl will have a different color and a crown. The poses will be strong and powerful contrasting the elegance of the fabric in motion. The crowns will be either on, tilted, or floating away.

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How long will the session last? I'm reserving two hours for each session, but I only expect to be in the pool photographing about 45minutes. We'll probably go in 10-15minute increments and let you take breaks out of the water.

Where will the session take place? At my home pool which is ten minutes from downtown Lemont. You will receive the address after booking.

How will I receive my images? Via email 2-3wks after your shoot date.

Do I have to be a good swimmer? No! We will stay in shallow end where you can stand up 99% of the time.

What should I wear? I'll pick a color for you and have fabric ready- some colors I have dresses as well. Other colors we'll have a chat about you might already own or what we can come up with. Either way you'll want to have a nude strapless bra and nude shorts (or underwear) or a nude body suit, or spanks, something that keeps you covered but won't show through the wet fabric.

What about makeup? It's underwater, so foundation doesn't matter. Use lots of dark waterproof makeup on your eyes before you come. We might offer an option of having your eyes done by one of our professionals at cost. If you're interested in this option let me know.

What about hair? Not much that can be done there. I think wigs might be a great idea. I have a couple. Let me know if you have a wig you'd like to wear.

Who will be at the shoot? I (Rachel) will be taking all the photos. My husband Jeff will be helping with lighting throughout the shoot.

What if I can't make any of the available time-slots? Call me and I might be able to switch you with someone.

Can I do an additional outfit? Absolutely, if there's something else you'd like to wear you can put that on the last 15minutes of the shoot. I've never done underwater boudoir, but I think it would be cool.

Can I bring a friend? Absolutely! We even encourage having an extra set of hands to help with fabric or bring you a towel.

Can I buy more photos? Yes, your are welcome to purchase additional photos at the standard rate.

I have a friend who also wants to be photographed, what should I tell her? Great, send her the link. This special will only be available for shoots before August 13th.

How many photos will there be from the session? Underwater photography is not easy- getting things in focus, the light, expression, bubbles in the way. I can guarantee five beautiful images from each shoot, and hopefully more.

What if it rains? We will reschedule.

Have you done this before? Yes, I've done three underwater sessions in the past and more recently taken and underwater photography class by the leading underwater portrait photographer in the US.

Do I get to choose the images from my session? Being that this is a model shoot I will choose my favorite two and edit them. If you purchase additional images I will edit those as well.

Do I have to sign a model release? Being that this is a modeling shoot and discounted for that reason, yes you will have to sign a model release that allows me to use the images publicly.

How will the images be used? I will be choosing 6-10 final images to use in a series on my art website: rachelowen.art Please don't be offended if your image doesn't get used in the final series. I will be choosing based on images that flow together. It in no way means I wasn't happy with your shoot. It's possible additional images may be used in future advertising for underwater shoots.

Photos below are examples similar to what Rachel will be doing in the session.

She did not take these photos.

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