“I’m totally freaking out.” said nearly every woman I’ve ever photographed

“I'm totally freaking out!” said nearly every woman I've ever photographed.

It's ok; you're normal.

Unless you're a professional model, you probably have a little apprehension about having a boudoir shoot and for most women that's an understatement. You might be surprised to hear there is no such thing as a photogenic person. Being “photogenic” is really just someone who is comfortable in front of the camera, and that's my job not yours. You should know that I'm going to pose and coach you down to the last fingertip detail. You will never be asked to “free-style” or come up with your own poses. Every woman has stretch marks, cellulite, and a host of other imperfections. We try to correct these things in camera, but I will not hesitate to photoshop out anything you're self-conscious about. After being photographed you'll wonder what you were so nervous about and wish you'd done it sooner.