Eight Things You Should Look For When Selecting A Boudoir Photographer

Eight Things You Should Look For When Selecting A Boudoir Photographer

You don't want to be photographed by some creepy guy in his basement.

1. Know the location.  It's safest to choose a studio with a storefront location. Boudoir photo-shoots in a home or hotel can be shady unless you personally know the photographer.

2. Choose someone who makes you feel comfortable.  Meet the photographer before hand. You don't make an investment like this often, and it's important to know you're going to have a good experience.

3. Really look at the work.  Compare the photos you see on websites. You can get the best sense of a photographer's skill level by the variety of sizes and shapes you see on the website; anyone can make a size 2 look great. Also consider the photos where the subject is looking directly into the camera. Relaxed expressions looking right into the lens are very difficult. It took me ten years to become proficient at this.

4. Price  You probably don't want to price shop on something you put this much preparation into and that will last the rest of your life. Cheaper doesn't mean better, but more expensive isn't necessarily better either. Look at what's included and if there are any hidden charges. Is retouching included? Is photo-shopping an option? Some photographers won't do it.

5. Experience  Does this photographer specialize in boudoir? With boudoir photography more experience is always better.

6. Privacy  Some photographers require you to sign a contract before the shoot. It's a good idea to know in advance if this is required and what it says. We do not have any such contract. Your images are always kept private, and you have the option of signing a model release after you've seen your photos. We respect your privacy whatever you choose.

7. Gender  Do you prefer a male or female photographer? Will the photographer be working with an assistant? We have an all-female staff at the glamour/boudoir shoots. As much as Jeff would love to sit in and hold reflectors, he's restricted to photographing weddings and families.

8. Reviews  Nothing tells the truth like the personal experiences of others. You can read any of our reviews here: