Demetrius Surprises Tyler With Epic Proposal

Jeff and I were lucky enough to photograph Dimitrius's epic proposal to his new fianceè Tyler.  He teamed up with the amazing team at Creative Ice Theatre to pull it off.  See the whole story below.

Tyler is in the middle; she thinks she's having a group skating lesson.

Ralph is in the blue sweater.  She's thinks he's taking a skating lesson too.  Truth is Ralph is in on it and already an amazing skater.

There is Tyler's friend Bianca.  Tyler thinks they are doing this for Bianca's birthday even though Bianca hates skating.

This is coach Yevgeny.  This is pretty typical.

The rink has now asked everyone to move to the side for a performance from the Creative Ice Theatre senior team.

The Creative Ice Theatre team is really amazing.  They placed second at nationals last summer.  You can see their performance here.

Dimitrius is in the background here.  He's pretty dressed up for ice skating.



Tyler still has no clue.

Now the team pulls out some of the people in the "group skating lesson" to go to the middle.




And then they leave her there by herself.


I still don't think she has any idea.

"Why am I out here?"


This says it all.








It's official; she said yes!

Congratulations Tyler & Dimitrius!

Epic proposal and an amazing ring!

That's me taking the photo.  I'm on the Creative Ice Theatre adult team.





NBC even came out to catch this unique proposal.

Good job Yevgeny.



Here are the people who worked for weeks to make this moment happen.  Great job everyone!

You can see the whole NBC story here.

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