Brain Exposure

As we come to the close of another year I'm looking forward to all 2017 has yet to be accomplished. My goal is to blog weekly whether or not it's the next start of an epic novel or thought provoking ideas that will change the world. Just get my thoughts out; get something written. So here I go. My new mantra for 2017 will be slow and STEADY. If you know me at all you know I'm usually all or nothing, so keeping things steady will be interesting. I've been reading “The Slight Edge” the past few months. It's a life changing book I highly recommend to anyone at any age. I've never been a believer in new years resolutions; if you're waiting for a specific time to start your goals then you're already on the wrong path. But in light of the new year goals seems to be an appropriate topic of conversation. Here are some goals I've been working to achieve and want to have accomplished by 2018.

  • run a triathlon
  • consistently land and axel
  • regular blogging
  • a strong and steady email marketing campaign and online presence for J.R. Owen & Company.
  • write one chapter of our book each week

So there it is, one goal down for one week and on to the next. I often chuckle at the thought of Ryan from The Office trying to protect the world from exposure to Creed's brain. I can't be that bad. And with that thought I leave you with this video: